City of Larimore

Welcomes You!

City Hall Information

Mayor:  Dean Elfman

119 Booth Ave                                                               

P.O. Box 766

Phone #: 701-343-2181 

Hours:  Mon through Fri

             9 a.m. to Noon

             1 p.m. to 4 p.m.                        


Governing Board:

Ward 1: Dave Garton, Dominic Capp

Ward 2: Dustin Barber, Sarah Kallock

Ward 3: Adam Vonasek, Joseph Voelker

City Auditor: Roberta Huntley

Deputy Auditor:  Mikki Behm



Police & Fire

Police Department            Fire Department (Volunteer)

P.O. Box 766                                                     122 W. Main

Phone #:  343-2012 (Non-emergency)              Fire Chief: Donnie Christensen

Alt # 701-780-8280                                               

Grand Forks County Sheriff Dept.



Water Plant & City Shop Garage

Water Plant                                                         City Shop/Garage

105 Booth Ave.                                                     118 Booth Ave.

City Supervisor: Jeremy (JJ) Nesdahl                  Phone #: 701-343-2002

City Cell Phone #: 701-270-8705                      

Maintenance II: Dave Miller

Maintenance II: Daniel Hunt

Part Time: Donnie Gratton





JR Civil is back in town! Temp water lines have been placed, and will be hooked up starting today, May 6th. They will hook up the remaining homes on the West end of 3rd Street, the 400 & 500 Blocks of Garrison Avenue, and the remining homes on 4th Street that were not hooked up last year. If you have any questions or come home to no water, please call City Supervisor JJ at 701. 270. 8705. to get your water hooked up at any time (does not have to be within business hours).


Larimore Landfill is still closed due to the amount of standing water still out there and the mushy roads. TENATIVELY, we are looking to open the landfill on Saturday, May 14th. We will keep everyone updated if we do decide its dry enough to open sooner.